Take time to enjoy your family insted of struggling with your paperwork.

Take time to enjoy your family instead of struggling with your paperwork.

I am often hired when family is out-of-town or no close family is readily available. Or, some clients want to stay private about their financial affairs so they look outside the family for support. Sometimes children or other family members simply cannot do what I do for my clients because they themselves do not have the time or don’t enjoy interacting with aging parents in this manner. Equally significant is the desire for my clients and their children to spend whatever precious time they have enjoying each other rather than poring over bills or filing papers.

Here are several examples of how my work is of benefit to my clients and to their families. Keep in mind that even the smallest tasks can be challanging.

Interfacing with Support Teams – Making sure accurate information gets relayed to the proper professionals can be a challenge. I can ease conversations.

Managing Mail – Of course there may be bills, but I don’t want the occasional letters and invitations to get thrown out (accidentally) with the myriad of solicitations for support. Additionally, we can’t save everything. How we determine what gets saved and what gets shredded or recycled is part of the work!

Paying Bills – Although many people opt for online banking, it doesn’t work for everyone and every company. In addition, it’s a good idea to balance your checkbook monthly!

Navigating support systems – Whether it’s finding a Home Health service or helping you find the best emergency call button, I will work until you are satisfied with the product.

Problem solving – We will work together to get your home running as smoothly as possible. This can include finding a dog walker or completing a quick errand on your behalf. I also can brainstorm with a client’s family to encourage a reluctant parent to get assistance.

Maintaining spirits and connections – Isolation can be depressing and debilitating. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid, such as when someone is home-bound for a variety of reasons. A friendly and warm visitor, a call to clergy to visit, a schedule of possible activities can help ease this situation.