My Philosophy

My philosophy is to preserve my client’s dignity above all else.

It takes courage and effort to let someone in on your home management systems and I respect each of my clients for taking these huge steps at this point in their lives. For some clients this is the first time they have shared vital — and perhaps personal — information with someone other than a family member.  When I am hired by a son or daughter, I need to gingerly navigate family dynamics as well.

Some clients don’t like others to know they need assistance in “home management.”  One of my early clients preferred to refer to me as her personal assistant.  Since she had employed an assistant in her earlier years, having me in that role made her more comfortable and the situation plausible to her friends.  Some clients are more comfortable thinking that my visits are social in nature with some desk work thrown in.  And, almost all of my clients soon call me “friend” as I work to increase their ease and comfort in their financial and managerial affairs.