I love the work I do and I am very grateful for these words of endorsement.

From a professional colleague:
As a past member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Loni Klein over the past several years in the care of our mutual clients. I knew I could count on Loni’s professional assessment when she promptly notified me of her concerns regarding changes in our patients’ status. On one occasion, Loni called to alert me of her suspicion that one of our client’s was inadvertently misusing her medication. Loni shows sensitivity and compassion with her clients and it was always a pleasure working together with her.

Lisa Greenspan, RN, BSN
Former owner and president
Main Line Nursing, Inc.

From a client:
When my husband passed away suddenly, I was left not only with the grief of his loss, but in a world that had been his domain.  He handled all the mail, the bill paying, the general household maintenance.  I was totally lost.  Although my children live near, they were busy with their own lives and I didn’t want to add to their burden.  My son had heard about Loni from a business colleague and told me about her.  At first I was resistant, but the day I agreed to her visit, my life began to resemble some of the life I had known.  Loni organized all the paperwork in the house, even assisting with the resolution of my husband’s estate.  Bills were getting paid, mail was being answered and pesky phone calls stopped.  She became a friend almost immediately and continues to be so to the present day.

Pearl W.

From a client’s family:
Some years ago, I was a single working mother of two school-age children living in Connecticut, working in New York City and panicking about the rapid decline of my Philadelphia family.  My elderly mother was in the full grip of Alzheimer’s, my older emotionally disabled brother who lived with my parents was further faltering, and my elderly father was battling serious health setbacks while struggling to care for them both while failing to care for himself.

Seeing things as dire–which they were–I traveled back and forth from New York City to Philadelphia weekly in an attempt to help, and came perilously close to losing  both my job and my sanity.  Fortunately, some angelic individual referred me to Loni Klein and Bridging the Gap for Seniors, who literally saved the day.

Loni met with my father on the average of twice per week; almost immediately, his papers, bills and overall life were organized, and a smile was back on his face!  Soon, Loni was his absolute “go-to,” providing him invaluable advice and resources on all fronts.   Best of all, I had “all access” to Loni at all times, and she kept me up-to-date on everything, becoming my critically needed “eyes and ears.”

There was nothing she couldn’t do; no area in which she failed to provide help.  When it comes to senior services,  I have no doubt that Loni Klein and Bridging the Gap for Seniors is the best around.  And not just in Philadelphia:  Everywhere.