I began Bridging the Gap for Seniors in 2001, when I was called upon
by a former colleague to assist her loni_k 027_weband her aging husband in handling their home financial affairs.  What began as a friendly visit quickly became my calling — I am, in effect, a senior care concierge.

I soon noticed that there were many people without local support systems who were getting bogged down in the world that many of us have taken for granted — being able to answer prompts on the telephone or knowing which mail is legitimate or which can be ignored.  Retrieving messages on an answering machine or understanding how to react to robocalls may contribute to a client feeling overwhelmed.

Knowing that each client is unique, I offer services that bridge the gap between what is necessary to manage home organizational needs and what can be done independently.

Here is how I can help an aging individual:

Create an individualized Life Management Resource Book
Manage Mail + Pay Bills
Interface with professional support teams (accountants, attorneys, financial planners)
Navigate Support Systems
Problem solve
Maintain spirits and connections